WoC vs. DoC 3000 Pts. – “Getting DPed”

I got a game in a few days ago against Morkash. He showed up with his new WoC Nurgle army (he sold his previous one out of a fit so he had to repurchase everything again) and after commenting his own army list as “I think its quite hardcore, yes, yes I think its hardcore, every turney would kick me out!” I knew I was in for some Nurgle DP action (that alone sounds hardcore if you get my drift ;)). (Pics will follow soon).

WoC Army: Nurgle Daemon Prince (ASF, and other cool stuff I sadly can`t remember); Nurgle Sorc lv2 (got regen buff and hex/buff spells and chalice of something); Nurgle BSB on foot; 2x 18 Warriors of Nurgle; 2 Nurgle Chariots, 2x 5 Dogs; 5 Nurgle Chaos Knights; 2x Chimeras; 2x Hellcannons.

DoC Army: Slaanesh Daemon Prince lv4 (Lore of Slaanesh, got the 50 pts. lash of something as gift, HA, Flight, Cacophonic Icor, shards, Phantasmagoria); Herald of Slaanesh BSB; Herald of Tzeentch lv2 on disc (Wand of Whimsy; Pink Fire and Glean Magic spells); 40 Daemonettes, FC, Flaming Banner; 20 Bloodletter, FC, Ld Banner; 6 Fleshhounds with ambush, 2x Seeker Chariots; 3 Flamer; 4 Screamer; 2 Burning Chariots; Skull Cannon.

WoC_vs_DoC_27.03.13_Deployment WoC_vs_DoC_27.03.13_Turn_1_Dameons_of_Chaos

DoC Turn 1: We rolled Blood and Glory as scenario, both of us had a fortitude of 5, which was well, lets just say if either of our general dies its game over ;). I started to move my troops forward but didn`t go fullout not to risk an early charge of his chariots or chimeras. My general flew over behind a building but was still able to see his dog group. I made a huge blunder right away flying my Tzeentch Herald infront of his warrior block containing his lv2. I was sure that he couldnt charge me but missed the second Chimera standing nearby….. Glean Magic wasn`t cast cause I failed to get a 10 with 3 dice.

In the shooting phase my Skullcannon shot his Hellcannon, hit, wounded, but rolled a 1 for the wounds caused (feck). My General killed 3 of his dogs. By the way, we made a huge mistake here but we only realised it a turn later on. Dont know why but we played it as if the unit had been wiped out, which meant all of his units nearby had to take a panick test. He rolled and made every single one but for the chimera which promptly fled of the board (I said he could put the Chimera back on the board but he said it was okay). My Flamers shot and did nothing.


WoC Turn 1: My ambushers didnt come on. Morkash moved his units forward, nothing spectacular. In his magic phase he used the chalice of something on his sorcerer. He rolled a 6 (great) and then made his Ld test turning himself into a DP. Well now I had to face 2 of those jeeez. He flew  his newly transformed DP over behind my lines to wreck havoc in subsequent turns. In the magic phase he cast the regen buff on his warriors facing my Daemonettes, causing a miscast and losing all his wizard levels :P. Both Hellcannons fired, one at my general the other at my Daemonettes. The first had a missfire eating all its handlers, the second one drifted off harmlessly. His Chimera charged my Tzeentch Herald killing him and overran into my Daemonettes. Absolute blunder on my side :P.


DoC Turn 2: My ambushers didn`t come on again (sigh). I charged his remaining wolves with my chariot, the other wolves with my second chariot and my Bloodletters into his Nurgle Daemon Prince. Magic did nothing again (meaning I failed to cast an 8+ with my lv4 on 3 dice). Shooting saw the damaged Hellcannon reduced to a smoking pile of, well hellcannony stuff and the Burning Chariots literally annihilating the Sorcerer-transformed-DP. My gerneral killed a few warriors through shooting but that was it.

In close combat my first chariot killed all dogs and elected to hold. I did not have any real chance of avoiding Morkash`s chariot charge the next turn anyway. My second chariot killed his dogs aswell and elected to hold too. I wanted to be able to take a different facing (as I was expecting the chaos warriors would charge into Daemonettes the next turn). My Bloodletters did next to nothing on his Nurgle DP (thank you Matt Ward for writing such a tremendously balanced DoC book – bletters are practically shit the way they are now and pale in EVERY aspect to plaguebearers), he in return killed a few. When I had to roll for my break test my eyes went wide when I saw that I had rolled double 1s which restored every Bloodletter back muhahahaa. Morkash wasn`t too happy tho hehe. The combat against the Daemonettes faired good aswell, he barelly did any wounds to me so I broke him in combat. His chimera bounced through his warriors and came to a halt near his Hellcannon. My Flamers shot and did nothing (again).


WoC Turn 2: My ambushers didnt come on again (……). Morkash charged my Daemonettes with his warriors and his chariot charged my chariot. His chariot being the same price but better in EVERY aspect quite frankly saw my chariot going home. The Daemonettes faired better tho against his warriors taking not many casualties but killing many in return breaking and running down the whole unit. Hooray! First Flag to me. The absolutely fucking weirdest thing was the fight of my Bloodletters against his Daemon Prince tho. He had charged his Knights and Warriors in at the start of the turn and again I did only 1 wound in total (!!). His DP killed 4 of mine and his warriors 8 or so. I rolled for my Instability Test…. and rolled double 1 again. No shit, what are the odds! My whole unit was back again and saw Morkash slowly eating his proverbial hat.


DoC Turn 3: My ambushers came on, finally! In the next turn I would be able to charge the warriors in the back if my Bloodletters could just hold out one more turn. I flew my General over to be able to shoot at his Chimera which had rallied the turn before. At this point I finally realized what game we were playing, Blood-and-fucking-Glory. If my general would die it would be over and in flying over I just handed the win over to Morkash. I tried my best to mitigate this stupid move and kill something before my general would bite the dust. My Burning Chariot tried to shoot his Chimera but failed. My Skullcannon finished the job. My Flamers shot and did nothing (sounds familiar doesnt it ;)). My Daemonettes repositioned as did the second Burning Chariot facing his general. My DP shot at his Hellcannon but failed. In close combat I wasn`t so lucky anymore, my Bloodletters died to a daemon and gave Morkash his first flag. All of his units that had participated in the combat repositioned.


WoC Turn 3: His remaining Knights and warriors charged my Bloodhounds and his Nurgle DP charged my general. His Hellcannon rolled for random movement (having lost its crew before) and ran into my general aswell. The only thing that mattered now was the combat revolving around the 2 generals, the one dying would decide the game. Sadly even tho both DPs are actually the same entity the WoC one is just blatantly better. Still my general survived this turn with 1 wound doing 2 wounds on the damned Nurgle DP. My bloodhounds sadly couldnt kill any of the 2 Knights (which would give me the second flag I needed for a win).


DoC Turn 4 (and final Turn): I desperately tried to kill the remaining 2 knights with my dogs but failed again. I tried to shoot his remaining warriors (they failed the charge by 1 inch the turn before) with everything I had, but couldn`t do enough wounds with the Skullcannon missing (….. I rolled 2x 2 inch for the range missing by 1 inch), and my burning chariots not doing enough wounds. The flamers missed erverything again (wooooo). Although they hadnt lost alot, the warriors had to take a Ld test. Sadly they made it and therefore didnt flee off the board (man that would have been epic!). I nearly did the impossible tho by putting 2 wounds on his general, but alas it wasnt meant to be! He had 1 wound left when my general croaked! 1 wound away from winning, this was a very fun game all in all and could have gone the other way in numerous instances. The reign of chaos table btw didn`t do anything really all game.

See you next time, happy hunting!


Kentucky Fried Demigryph

It took me some time to paint them but here are my 6 brand new Demigryphs. The color scheme is a variant of different Demigryph Orders, I just couldnt decide which one to go for so I took bits out of a few different ones. There is a main theme going for them I just cant remember which one it was 😛
I think overall they came out pretty well. The feathering still surprises me, especially considering which colors I used.

Empire Demi Empire Demi 1 Empire Demi 2 Empire Demi 7 Empire Demi 3Empire Demi 6

“Going by train is sooooo oldschool…..”

The Dark Elf Manticore was a b-day gift from a friend of mine (I wont say which bday it was, suffice to say it was a loooong time ago ;)). Although the age of the miniature does show detail wise, I still think that it looks good (especially comparing to the new manticore, buarrgh). I think both are from the same sculptor (or shall we say sculptress? ;)) but still, the old one is far superior to the new one. I think the rich, purple colors the beastmaster on top displays in contrast to the earthy ones from the manticore itself work well.

DE Manticore DE Manticore 2

Hobby Update

Well folks, this is mostly what I have painted so far. Some things are still missing which will get uploaded in the next few days but essentially this is it. No worries tho, its not the end of the line, I`m not burned out (yet), I still love to paint and doing the hobby (and knowing me that wont change anytime soon) and as long this is the case I will keep this blog running. There are after all still loads of models not painted yet. I have done a quick estimate of how much there is, its another whooping 2300 models. I cant complain, means I wont get bored in the next 15 years 😉

So what is to come next? Well after having completed all of my Dark Elves I will finish painting The Empire and of course Warriors of Chaos (as those get played the most). After this or even before that I will start painting Deamons of Chaos (yes, yes Nurgle I will paint Nurgle, some of you are itching that I do that I know ;)) and Vampire Counts. I maybe even sprinkle in some Ogres as I dont have that many (well there arent many cause a typical Ogre Army doesnt include that many models anyway) and they are easier to paint.

Models currently on my desk: Empire Hellblaster, Empire Engineer and Warrior Priest.

Thats about it, see you next time, happy hunting!

Off with their heads!

These Executioners are some of the oldest models I have painted. It shows in comparison to newer ones (for example the empire demigryphs which will be shown in my next post) but I still like the models per se. I dont wanna redo them cause its a kind reminder of how my painting has developed since then.

Most of the Dark Elf range like Executioners and Black Guard really have awesome models even by new standards. In some cases they even look way better than some of the newer stuff that gets released 😉

DE Exec DE Exec 1

Deamon Prince or Spawn – A venture into split personalities

Chosen hmmm I really like them. Those old models (still got the metal ones thank god) have alot of character and I hope my painting does them justice (the pics dont, but what the hell I have no other camera hehe). As with all Warriors of Chaos I kept the winter theme for the basing. Still hope to be able to get 5 more but am not willing to pay the current prices for finetrash models. Theres another idea to convert some AoW GreatWeapon Warriors for a second Chosen group. We´ll see, well`see 😉

WoC ChosenWoC Chosen 1  WoC Chosen 2