Dark Elf Introduction

The Dark Elves were my first WHFB army. Back then, about 12 years ago when I started collecting them (my Dark Angels were my first army but due to them being 40k they are not inlcuded here) they emediately caught me with their sinister demeanor. I read the stories about them and all the lore I could dig up. The harsh land they live in, their rites and rituals, their ornamented armor and weapons (and prolly their sarcely dressed sorceresses ;)) emediately drew me in. As I starded painting them already so long ago there is a quite visible difference in painting skills 🙂

Currently my Dark Elf army consists of these troops (painting finished: 90%):

Dreadlord on Black Dragon; Dreadlord on Foot; Dreadlord on Cold One; Master BSB on Cold One; Arch Sorceress; 2x Sorceresses; Death Hag; Lokhir Felheart; Beastmaster on Manticore; 3 Assassins; 2x 40 Spearmen; 20 Crossbows; 10 Harpies; 40 Corsairs; 21 Executioners; 9 Cold One Rider; 20 Blackguard; 5 Shades; Chariot; Bolt Thrower; 5 Dark Riders; Hydra.


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