The Empire Introduction

The Empire is one of those Armies that did not capture my interest at first. Mostly it was due to my best friends growing interest in playing WHFB that I was getting more into the army itself. After doing some “research” (yeah I know scientific term but hell everyone wants to elevate ones hobby dont we? ;)) the whole idea of massed, trained state troops and knightly orders started to appeal to me. I bought a book depicting the different heraldic and state colors and decided to go for Talabheim. I liked the story of the city being in a big crater and well defendable but also the color scheme of their troops. This is one of the three armies to be played the most, specially cause my best friend always chooses them as his army 😉

Currently owning these models (painted about 40%):

Karl Franz on Deathclaw; Elspeth von Draken on Carmine Dragon; Kurt Helborg; Theodore Bruckner on Reaper; Marius Leitdorf; Volkmar the Grim on War Altar; Ludwig Schwarzhelm; Markus Wulfhart; General mounted; Grandmasters of the Blazing Sun and Knights Panther; 2x Captains of the Empire; Captain BSB mounted;  Wizards for every Magic Lore; 2x Witchhunters; Arch Lector; 2x Warrior Priests; Engineer; 40 Swordsmen; 40 Halberdiers; 20 Halberdiers; 20 Freecompany; 2x 10 Reiksguard; 10 Kinights of the Blazing Sun; 10 Knights Panther; 3x 10 Handgunners; 10 Crossbowmen; 10 Archer; 40 Greatswords; 6 Demigryph Knights; 5 Outriders; 5 Pistoliers; 24 Flagellants; 3 Great Cannons; Mortar; Hellblaster; Hellstorm Rocket Battery; Hurricanum, Luminark, Steamtank.


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