Baby, I think you got something in your teeth….

For my Dark Elf Hydra I wanted to do something else than the usual green most Hydras sport. The icy color is in stark contrast to the rather dark army tone in general. The 2 handlers quite a long time ago. No wonder, Dark Elves were my first army a looooooong time ago. Thats why I still have so many tin models.

DE Hydra 1 DE Hydra Handler DE Hydra H3


2 thoughts on “Baby, I think you got something in your teeth….

  1. Craig says:

    Looks amazing, one of the best hydras I’ve seen. I know you must have paired this an age ago, but wonder if you can remember how you did it?

  2. rakariel says:

    Cheers! Am always happy when people like my effort 🙂
    I have tried to replicate the old Hydras color scheme about a month ago when I painted my second one and I couldn`t really replicate it neither. The new one looks better tbh but am still very proud of the old one. There will be a third one in some time aswell which I want to paint oceanic green (shes the female, the grey ones are the males ;)) but want to modify her heavily so she stands out more.

    The problem of not being able to replicate it exactly stems from the fact that GW changed their color palette some time ago and the old Hydra was painted with the old colors. The color palette of the new Hydra consists of a base color “The Fang” with numerous layers of “Russ Grey” and “Fenrisian Grey” as highlight. The throat is painted with “Deneb Stone” and washed with “Nuln Oil”. The “spikes” are painted with “Khemri Brown” as base and “Bonewhite” as layer. Just add some white to Bonewhite when you paint the tip. The old Hydra is similar in color but more greyish than blueish which I think is due to the palette switch from GW.

    I was very busy recently so I didn`t have time to take photos but I have done a few more things already (Warlocks, mounted sorceress, second Hydra, Dark Riders) which I will post shortly. If you have any more questions, just ask away :).

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