Boom, Headshot!

My first cannon I painted. The paintscheme is fitting I think. The different Engineers are not glued to the base to be easily removable in case of casualties. All of my warmachines sport a custom built base which should stand in as a diorama of sorts. There are some nice details, I really like the monkey in the back and the empty bottles of wine (I hope their aim stays true nonetheless or heads will roll ;).

Empire CannonEmpire Cannon 4  Empire Cannon 1


2 thoughts on “Boom, Headshot!

  1. DaMacq says:

    um die tatsächliche punktgenauigkeit vulgo treffsicherheit besser zu illustrieren, sollte am kanonenrohr ein fernrohr angebracht sein! 😉

  2. rakariel says:

    Wieso, du brauchst ein Fernrohr sowieso net, Mr. Ingenieur 😉

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