WoC vs. VC 2500 Pts. – “Battle of the silent grave”

This is my first battle report so please bear with me. It was against a good friend of mine (lets call him eldanath shall we? ;)) who seldom deviates from using Warriors of Chaos as his army (well its my army but what the heck ;)). I had a day off of work so we got a game in. I dont recall all of the items, sorry. The Lists looked like this:

Warriors of Chaos

Nurgle Sorcerer Lord Lv4 (with lore of Nurgle); Festus the Leechlord; BSB on Chaos Steed; 18 Chaos Warriors, MoN, FC; 18 Chaos Warriors, MoN, FC; 5 Chaos Knights, EW; Chaos Chariot; Gorebeast Chariot; 20(!!) Hellstriders and a Hellcannon.

Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord (lv3, ASF, RF, GW, HA, Steed, 4++); Vampire (lv1, ASF, GW, HA, Steed, Dawnstone); Vampire (lv1, ASF, GW, HA, Steed); Necro (lv1), Necro (lv1); 30 Zombies, 30 Zombies, 15 Zombies, 15 Zombies; 4x 5 Dogs, 7 Black Knights, FC, Banner of the Barrows; 2x Terrorgheists, 5 Hexwraiths, 10x Ghouls – yes I know a pretty hard list, but I always wanted to try 2 terrorgheists (dare I say it? they are fuckin`effective).

WoC-VC 14.03.13

First Turn WoC:

Well we deployed as the above picture shows. WoC from the bottom upwards: Knights with BSB, Hellcannon, Warriors with lv4, Gorebeast, Warriors with Festus; Chariot, Hellstriders. VC bottom to top: Dogs, Hexwraiths, Ghouls, Zombies, Zombies with Necro, Zombies, Zombies with Necro, Knightbus with Vampires, Terrorgheist, Terrorgheist, 3x 5 Dogs.

We rolled Blood and Glory which meant i was literally fucked only having a fortitude of 3 (no BSB, only General and 1 Flag inside the Black Knights) while Eld having a whooping 7. First turn went to Eld and he moved steadily forward. He won the rolloff for the vanguard move which did suck for me as he came in range with his Seekers of my dogs which meant I couldnt vanguard with them anymore. Eld lost 3 Hellsetrider to dangerous terrain tests.

Magic was pretty much nonexistant and to my luck Eld completely forgot to shoot with the hellcannon πŸ˜€ He then charged the first group of dogs, destroyed them and overan into the second pack wiping them out aswell.

First Turn VC:

I couldnt do much but bring my Black Knights and all my characters into combat to flee an impending bombardement from the hellcannon (Eld was pretty pissed when he realized that he forgot to shoot in his first turn :P).

Lucky me couldnt for the hell of it roll a 10 on 3 dice with my Knights. I stumbled forward and was directly infront of the chariot and the warrior block including Festus. All the zombies moved forward and the Terrorgheists positioned themselves. One flew over beside theΒ  core chariot, the other beside the Hellstriders. In the shooting phase I turned the chariot to slack and killed about 5 more Hellstriders. Magic saw some Zombies getting raised, thats about it tho.

WoC-VC 14.03.13 (2)

Second Turn WoC:

Sadly I forgot to take any pictures this turn :P.

Eld tried to charge my Black Knights but failed the charge aswell (atleast I think he failed, he didnt make it in in any case). He knew he couldnt really charge my second Terrorgheist with his Hellstriders so he charged the dogs instead wiping them out aswell. He chose to restrain and reform (which was a bad idea cause I could shoot him in the following round again Muhahahah). Everything else moved steadily forward. At this point he realized that, to win the game, the only unit he had to take out was the Knights and Vampires. Therefore his chief goal from then on was to move everything over to the other side. Every unit at the bottom of the gamefield therefore didnt do much the whole game. Thats the reason I am not going to mention them anymore.

This time Eld didnt forget to shoot with his Hellcannon but after some unsuccessful rolling he commented the Hellcannon with “that damn thing never does me any good, no idea why I still take one all the time”

Second Turn VC:

I charged his warriors with my BlackKnights and after some bitter fighting broke em in combat and caught the fleeing rest (which put me in a dangerous spot which we will see shortly ;)). The first Terrorgheist flew over beside the Knights, the second repositioned himself to scream at the back of the Striders again (which it did in the shooting phase reducing the Striders to 8).

The rest of my army went for a cup of coffee.

WoC-VC 14.03.13 (3)

Third (and last turn) WoC:

Eld charged my Knights with his warrior block including the level4. He also charged his gorebeast chariot into the terrogheist. That was exactly what I had hoped he would do. I was pretty lucky, his plunder prolly meant me not losing the game right there. Would he have charged the Knightbus brrrrr πŸ˜‰ D6+1 Impact hits with killing blow is nothing to sneeze at if your characters are all that more important.

Eld rolled 6 Impact hits, great! He did only do 3 wounds to my Terrorgheist tho and I did 4 back which meant a draw. All the while my Vampire Lord and his progenity went to fucking town on his warriors, weeeee. I think all in all I killed about 14 of the Warriors. Funnily enough his pansy lv4 did 3 wounds on my Vampire Lord nearly killing him…… not good! Luckily I saved 1 out of the 3 wounds with my ward save. I broke the warriors and ran them down. Phew that was too close tbh.

After this Eld conceded. His Knights could have charged in their next turn and maybe turned the tide. All in all I already had his fortitude down by 4 so there wasnt all that much he could still do. It was a fun game with an albeit pretty hard list on my side. Was happy tho seeing the gheists-brothers in action πŸ˜‰

See you next time, happy hunting!


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