Hobby Update

Well folks, this is mostly what I have painted so far. Some things are still missing which will get uploaded in the next few days but essentially this is it. No worries tho, its not the end of the line, I`m not burned out (yet), I still love to paint and doing the hobby (and knowing me that wont change anytime soon) and as long this is the case I will keep this blog running. There are after all still loads of models not painted yet. I have done a quick estimate of how much there is, its another whooping 2300 models. I cant complain, means I wont get bored in the next 15 years 😉

So what is to come next? Well after having completed all of my Dark Elves I will finish painting The Empire and of course Warriors of Chaos (as those get played the most). After this or even before that I will start painting Deamons of Chaos (yes, yes Nurgle I will paint Nurgle, some of you are itching that I do that I know ;)) and Vampire Counts. I maybe even sprinkle in some Ogres as I dont have that many (well there arent many cause a typical Ogre Army doesnt include that many models anyway) and they are easier to paint.

Models currently on my desk: Empire Hellblaster, Empire Engineer and Warrior Priest.

Thats about it, see you next time, happy hunting!


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