Kentucky Fried Demigryph

It took me some time to paint them but here are my 6 brand new Demigryphs. The color scheme is a variant of different Demigryph Orders, I just couldnt decide which one to go for so I took bits out of a few different ones. There is a main theme going for them I just cant remember which one it was 😛
I think overall they came out pretty well. The feathering still surprises me, especially considering which colors I used.

Empire Demi Empire Demi 1 Empire Demi 2 Empire Demi 7 Empire Demi 3Empire Demi 6


4 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Demigryph

  1. DaMacq says:

    razorbeaks! >)

  2. rakariel says:

    Feut mich wenns gefällt, als nächstes kommen die Empire Knights of the Blazing Sun dran 😉

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