Shadow and Claw

This is my Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress. I had her paired with my Black Dragon earlier on, but I think she deserves her own post. Shes prolly one of my if not the favourite model so far. Those amateurish pictures really dont do her justice.

ArchSorceress ArchSorceress2 Archsorceress 1


New-Era- Exorcist

My first Warrior Priest. The concept behind them really fascinates me. A devoted fanatic clad in iron and equiped with hammers in various forms punishing the wicked with devine zeal, yes please ;). Sadly I just can`t get the lighting on the camera right. Hope you like it nonetheless 🙂

Empire WP Empire WP 2 Empire WP 3

Bullet (or Cannonball) in the Head

Here are some snapshots of my recently finished Empire Engineer and Empire Captain. The Empire Captain will mostly see proxy action as a second Witchhunter due to him not looking too out of place in that role. I quite like how the cloak turned out.

On the other hand would I like to see the Engineer being used less tbh, hes the sole reason why my opponent (MaCq that is) usually never has a single missfire (I think he never had a warmachine destroyed in a year grrrrr! ;)). That spyglas apparently has its uses 😛

Empire Eng Empire Eng 2Empire Eng 1   Empire WH 2Empire WH 3

“Men, stand your ground!”

I finally had some time finishing (one of) my Empire Generals. This is a generic one, painted with the livery of Talabheim (like all my Empire Troops). I think he turned out quite good. Like the horsey too :).

Furthermore is my Empire BSB. Hes got his little baby Griffon with him. One day when the Captain BSB will be elevated to General he will be able to ride his own Griffon. Doubtful that he`ll survive however ;).

Empire General Empire General 2 Emire General 3Empire BSBEmpire BSB 3Empire BSB 2Empire BSB 4Empire BSB 5

“Have you ever seen how Swiss Cheese is made…?”

Here are some pics of my newly finished Empire Hellblaster Volleygun. I tried to keep the design simple but wanted to make some sort of diorama aswell. I just can`t bring myself to put it on the table without any sort of coherence hehe.

I added some subtle references to the model to represent the warmachines affiliation with the city of Nuln (flag, red/black coats, hats or pants). I think that the flag (which was a kind donation from one of my Bretonian Knight lances ;)) and especially the handpainted scales of justice, while simple, have turned out quite nice.

Hope you like it.

Empire HB Empire HB 1 Empire HB 2 Empire HB 3

Preview: Belly of the Beast

In an upcoming battle we will see the vast armies of Talabheim, commanded by the notorious Feldmarschall Stefan Macq Edler von Scheriau, trying to defend the homes and loved ones of the outlying town of Breitblatt against a massive horde of savage Beastmen.

The city of Talabheim itself is renown for its well defended position inside a gigantic crater but when the portents hint to something sinister inside the great forest surrounding the city the men and women of Talabheim have to work up the courage to face this new evil and prove once again that they are the indeed the Eye of the Forest…..

Update: The first part of the story is now available in the “Battlereport Stories-Section” of this blog. Go check it out if you like.

Dark Elf Chariot or “when an unstoppable force meets a few meatbags”

This Dark Elf Chariot is one of my oldest models but only recently gotten the time to paint it. The age of the model is especially showing in the 2 Cold Ones. There is quite a difference to the new models which can be seen in one of my earlier posts. I like the old ones aswell, I always picture them as bigger, sturdier variants of the same species as they have to pull the whole chariot contraption behind them and bring it up to speed. Its either that or smashing into other objects (especially soft humans) just doesn`t improve your looks ;).

DE ChariotDE Chariot 1DE Chariot 2