Preview: Belly of the Beast

In an upcoming battle we will see the vast armies of Talabheim, commanded by the notorious Feldmarschall Stefan Macq Edler von Scheriau, trying to defend the homes and loved ones of the outlying town of Breitblatt against a massive horde of savage Beastmen.

The city of Talabheim itself is renown for its well defended position inside a gigantic crater but when the portents hint to something sinister inside the great forest surrounding the city the men and women of Talabheim have to work up the courage to face this new evil and prove once again that they are the indeed the Eye of the Forest…..

Update: The first part of the story is now available in the “Battlereport Stories-Section” of this blog. Go check it out if you like.


2 thoughts on “Preview: Belly of the Beast

  1. DaMacq says:

    ehm… FELDMARSCHALL Stefan Macq Edler von Scheriau, Erztruchsess und Kurfürst, mein Herr! Ehre und Titel, wem Ehre und Titel gebührt! :p

  2. rakariel says:

    Ist notiert und wird natürlich sofort geändert 😉
    Die story wird bald geposted und wenn ich Zeit hab auch gleich der Battlereport fürs erste Spiel.

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