Light and Shadow

Here is the last batch of my Empire Wizards representing Wizards from the Grey and Celestial College respectively.

Especially the Shadow Sorcerer wasn`t that easy to paint at first because I didn`t know how to do different kinds of grey. I think he turned out quite nice however (I really like the roses). I still have Wizards for the Amethyst, Jade and Light Colleges but for now I need a break ;).The next post will be about a really big fella so stay tuned!

Empire ShadowW Empire ShadowW 2 Empire ShadowW 3 Empire CelesW Empire CelesW 1 Empire CelesW 3


“Goooooldfinger, da da daaaa….”

Another Empire Mage, this time from the College of the Gold Order. I tried to paint him with a warm color scheme to accompany the gold or metal origin of his magic. To get a heavy contrast to the gold and ochre I gave the wizard a flask with a viscous concoction streaming out. This also represents the Wizard dabbling in alchemy rather than using just “conventional” magic.

Empire MetalW1 Empire MetalW2 Empire MetalW3