If looks could kill…..

One of my favourite models. The color scheme is roughly borrowed from the artwork in FW`s Monstrous Arcanum. Due to its poisonous nature I tried to give the Basilisk very intense colours. Apart from really liking how it turned out paintwise I dig its rules aswell therefore the Basilisk will see quite some game-action aswell ;). Hope you like it!

Basilisk 1 Basilisk Basilisk 2 Basilisk 3


“Where is a Valiant Little Tailor when you need one….”

Finally my BoneCrusher Giant is finished. Its quite a big model (with a far too small base – he fell over a few times) even taller than the FW Bloodthirster or Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.

I tried to give him a haggard look, washed out clothing, dirty toenails and so on (buarrgh ;)). Due to him being so top-heavy I had to hold him instead of putting him on “my presentation table”. I like him, especially the teeth :).

BoneCrGiant BoneCrGiant2 BoneCrGiant3 BoneCrGiant4 BoneCrGiant6 BoneCrGiant8