Claws and Shadows

Another Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, this time from the Avatars of War range. I think the miniature does fit perfectly into my existing Dark Elf army. I think I need to work better with my camera however, I can`t seem to find the right setting to make the miniatures appear on the pics like they are in reality.

DE ArchSorc DE ArchSorc 3


Amber, where modern day Dinosaurs come from…

Here is my just finished Empire Wizard from the Amber College. I tried to use alot of earthy colors to represent his affinity to nature. The only thing that stands out is the flask hes carying on his belt which displays some bright colors.

Empire AmberWiz Empire AmberWiz 1 Empire AmberWiz 2

Children of the Sun

After a two week holiday break, here are my Knights of the Blazing Sun. I have to admit that because the Empire Knight models are so old already (I really don`t like the horses) I haven`t put that much effort into them. Shame on me, they are still not that bad however ;).

Empire KotBS Empire KotBS 1