Harpies stole my Eye!

They are finally done, my harpies. I didn`t just want to create them like normal troops but also put them onto a small diorama to give them a bit more impact.

I painted them in a way to portray their dual nature of not being fully female human nor bird. Thats why the bodies are very much like women, similar fleshtone and also primary and secondary genitals but their feet, eyes and of course wings not at all. I didn`t want to completely alienate them as I think Harpies, just like mythological Sirens, try to seduce their targets before they rip them apart 😉

DE Harpies DE Harpies 1 DE Harpies 3 DE Harpies 5 DE Harpies 2 DE Harpies 4 DE Harpies 10 DE Harpies 12 De Harpies 13 DE Harpies 11 DE Harpies 6 DE Harpies 9 DE Harpies 7 DE Harpies 8


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