“We`ve come to reap your souls”

I just finished four Dark Elf Reapers. On the pictures below you will find two of them. All of my warmachines sport small custom built dioramas. On one hand I think especially warmachines do look better if there is some sort of environment around them on the other other they are much better to transport. The first Reaper has a flag, using bits from the old DE Warrior set, the second has some spikes of a severed White Lion and Sister of Avelorn head, just to show who is boss. Sadly the blood running down the spikes is barely visible on the pictures but I can assure you it looks suitable gruesome ;).

DE Reaper DE Reaper 1 DE Reaper 2 DE Reaper 5 DE Reaper 4 DE Reaper 3


Dark Shadows

Here are some of my numerous Dark Riders I finished some time ago. I did enjoy painting them alot, nuff said 🙂

DE DRs DE DRs 2 DE DRs 1