Black Beauty

One of my mounted Sorcerersses I finished some time ago but never had the time to post unitl now. I used the mounted Pegasus Sorceress from Gamezone (I used the Pegasus for my Master) and put her on a spare Steed from the new DE Chariot kit. 🙂

DE Mounted Sorc DE Mounted Sorc 1 DE Mounted Sorc 3


Painting Competition on

As the title says I am gonna participate in a painting competition which is hosted on and supported by AoW. I had to think a bit about which model I wanted to do for the competition and decided in the end that am gonna do my alter ego (Severian), a Dark Elf Dreadlord on a Pegasus.

I thought I give him a few special things to make him stand out a bit more. Foremost there is his double bladed executioner sword which is the only one of its kind. I thought about giving him a helmet but then decided against it because I think if he shows his face (his helmet will be fastened at the side of the saddle), it gives the model more character. The picture shows the components am gonna use. Lets see how he will turn out 😉

DE AoW Comp DE AoW Comp 1


Hobby Update 11.06.2014

Am back from my vacation and itching to get back to painting. Coming up will be my FW Troll Hag which is about 35% done already because I started painting her before I went away.

So whats next after her? Due to my participation in a Team Tournament early September I will be painting some Dwarfen stuff soonish but will of course also have time for some more Dark Elf models (Kharibdyss, second Peg Master, two Medusae and a bunch of new Exectioners). There are also plans to finish my big unit of FW Nurgle Bile Trolls (Throggs leading them). I already painted three of them some time ago so there is “only” 6 more to wrap it up. On top of it I already have a project on my desk which involves painting up the Terror of Fortriu which proxies as a WoC Chimera. Jeez I wish I had more time 😉

Stay tuned 🙂