“Something smells fishy in here….” Update

The O&G River Troll Box has a lot of spare bitz and I thought “Hey why not use some of them to build a little Diorama that counts as a Unit filler?”. Easier said than done because the idea I had involved a Troll emerging out of water and I had never worked with water before.

But there always has to be a first so there we are. The bits I used are head, hands and weapon from the Troll box and a small poison dart frog from the LM Ripperdactly box. The Troll torso and seaweed “cones” are built from scratch using Green Stuff. I hope you like the water effect. Last but not least a picture of all the Trolls, The Gangs all here 🙂

O&G River Trolls UF O&G River Trolls UF 1 O&G River Trolls UF 2 O&G River Trolls UF 3 O&G River Trolls UF 4 O&G River Trolls UF 5 O&G River Troll Horde O&G River Troll Horde 1


Thundercats hoooo

Well not exactly feline but atleast very thundery I present my new AoW Dwarf Thunderers. The reference to an old kids TV sereies just shows how old I really am, a seven year old mind inside a multiple decade old body 😀

Dwarf Thund Dwarf Thund 1 Dwarf Thund 2 Dwarf Thund 3