“I have come to suck your….blood!”

A local tournament in the not too distant future (the lore of Undeath is allowed) has sparked my Interest in doing a small Vampire force to be summoned by my trusty Dark Elf Sorceress. While painting some Hexwraiths I came up with the idea that it would be a lot cooler to do an actual Vampiress to fit better into the theme.

Don`t get me wrong, I love my Dark Elf Sorceress but in this respect a Vampiress is more fitting. Yeah yeah I know, I just wanted an excuse to paint one in the first place 😉

Because in terms of tournament play I had to do a Vampiress on a Hellsteed because my DE Sorceress would be mounted on a Dark Pegasus. GW never released a model for it so I rumaged through my bitz boxes to find a suitable alternative. I used the horse from a WoC chariot, Vargheist wings and the infamous Neferata. To fit her better on the steed I also used some greenstuff to form a pillow (which of course is made from velvet). Short story long here are the first pics of my new Vampire force. Hope you enjoy them 😀

VC Vampiress on Hellsteed VC Vampiress on Hellsteed 1 VC Vampiress on Hellsteed 2 VC Vampiress on Hellsteed 3


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