Between Skylla and K(c)hari(y)bdy(i)ss

Well my Kharibdyss is still not fully done yet, but what the heck I have to post the pictures at some point (I can`t wait for months on end ;)). Sadly the water effect hasn`t properly dried  yet because I guess I put too much of it on the base at once. Still the rest of the model is done and that little water effect still missing won`t make that much of a difference anyway ;).

For “amusement sake” I put a floating HE body in the water infront of the Kharidbyss. I guess he must have tried to beat her in a swimming contest and failed. Those crazy High Elves 😉

DE Kharibdyss DE Kharibdyss 1 DE Kharibdyss 2


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