Empire Army

Lords: Karl Franz on Deathclaw (General); Lv4 Sorcerer Lord (LIFE)

Heroes: Ludwig Schwarzhelm BSB; Sorcerer Lv2 (BEASTS); Warrior Priest (blank)

Core: 40 Swordsmen + 10 Handgunner (Detach); 5 Knights Panther; 5 Inner Circle Knights

Special:Β  GreatCannon; 3 Demigryph Knights, 9 Reiksguard; 28 Greatswords; Steamtank

Rare: Hellblaster Volleygun

Beastmen Army

Lords: Doombull (HA, ASF, 1+ RR, +1Attk/save) General; Lv Great Bray Shaman (BEASTS)

Heroes: Wargor BSB (BeastStd); Bray Shaman Lv2 (Herdstone) (BEASTS); Bray Shaman Lv1 (Dispel Scroll) (SHADOW)

Core: 40 Gor (FC, ADHW); 40 Gor (FC, ADHW); 2x 5 Ungor Raiders; 2x 5 Chaos Dogs; 2x Tuskgor Chariots

Special: 30 Bestigors (FC); 5 Minotaurs (Std); 5 Harpies

Rare: Cygor; Ghorgon



We rolled Meeting Engagement as Scenario. Our 3 step campain does feature special scenarios after this point onward but for the first game we chose a “normal” one. Well Meeting Engagement it was and it did mess up MaCqs deployment pretty much right from the get go. He rolled 1s for 5 of his units, I only had 1 Gor horde kept back howver. This is the reason why his battleline does look pretty awful at this point. Lucky for him, his army could stay back at first and await reinforcements.

Turn 1 Beastmen


Turn one saw me take a long charge on the Knights Panther unit and obliterating it with 1 cariot. That was real shit dice rolling on MaCqs part. 5 deaths out of 7 wounds caused in total with none getting back, well I was happy (he failed 5 4+ armor saves) :). The chariot reformed to look at the flank of the Demigryphs. My Bestigors reformed to give the Minotaurs some room and moved foward. Everything else did aswell. My Great Bray Shaman casted Amber Spear on the Demigryphs, got dispelled. My Cygor threw a stone on the Demigryphs head, landed a direct hit and rolled a 1 to wound. Feck. My dogs positioned themselves infront of the Reiksguard to redirect them.

Turn 1 Empire


All the reinforcements finally came on. The Hellblaster opened up on the Bestigors killing only a few and the Cannon killed the Cygor (sigh). The Sorcerer Lord on Pegasus and all the Reinforcements made their permited move forward. The Reiksguard charged and killed the dogs, then restrained and reformed. The Demigryphs charged the Gor unit killing 6 of them (phew could have been way more). In turn the Gor got only 1 wound through (damn that 1+ AS!). I still counted myself lucky tho that there werent more casualties on my part. And lucky I was indeed, despite being steadfast I nearly broke, only the BSB reroll saved me. Magic did nothing for MaCq, everything got dispelled.

Turn 2 Beastmen


I charged the Sorcerer Lord with my Dogs, he fled (that was VERY sloppy of him indeed moving him there in the first place! ;)). My 2 chariots charged the demigryphs and my Bestigors tried to do a long charge on the Greatswords but failed to reach them. My Ghorgon hid behind the ruins, getting out of the charge arc of the Inner Circle Knights and Reiksguard. My Minotaurs with the Doombull were setting themselves up on the other side. My harpies flew over to attack the Hellblaster in my next turn. The second Gor unit moved up aswell. God I love those chariots, they were the units of the match for me already. They did so many wounds on the charge on the demigryphs that only 1 was left with 1 wound. In return my Gor unit got hammered by the champion who did 4 wounds. That didnt save him however as my 2 bestigors from the chariots finished him off and did the last wound. Both chariots reformed. Magic btw did nothing again.

Turn 2 Empire


MaCq was a tad grumpy at this point already (it should get worse btw ;)). He did indeed have poor luck with his armor saves so far. He moved his Inner Circle Knights up to be able to charge the Ghorgon soon, he was reluctant tho to position them inside the river. The Sorcerer Lord rallied. I have no idea why he did it but apparently my dogs must have been a serious threat to him cause MaCq moved his handgunners foward instead of just shooting the dogs. He wanted to block of the sorcerer I guess. His Steamtank moved foward to the flank of the Bestigors. Karl Franz flew over to the Harpies and the Swordsmen got into a better position aswell. Shooting saw another few of my Bestigors die to the Hellblaster, some got melted by the steamcannon aswell. The GreatCannon overshot however. Magic saw the handgunners bolstered to the imeasurable (flesh to stone with throne of vines = +4 toughness ouch). I let most of it through I didnt really care about them anyway. Dwellers Below got dispelled of course.

Turn 3 Beastmen


Now came a few juicy charges muahhaha (well and 2 CRUCIAL ones that didnt make it). My Ghorgon charged the Inner Circle Knights, my Bestigors the Steamtank, my Dogs the Cannon, my Harpies the Hellblaster. Sadly my Minotaurs didnt make a mediocre ranged charge on the Reiksguard (fuuuuuuuu) and the chariot didnt make it neither into the Steamtank. The river my Ghorgon was standing in was a raging torrent which meant he had +3 Initiative. He went to fucking town on the Inner Circle Knights, MaCq again failing alot of 4+ Armor saves. I think I hit 5 times and wounded the same, they all died right away (mwhahha). The Harpies killed the Hellblaster off. The Bestigors did 8 wounds on the steamtank (thanks to strength 7) and he saved all but 3 on a 5+ lol. Well poetic justice hehe. The dogs lost 2 of their kind in the woods through dangerous terrain and did 2 wounds on the cannon. Magic = meh.

Turn 3 Empire


Now the real bloodshed started. Karl Franz charged the Minotaurs in the flank putting all attacks on the Doombull. The Reiksguard charged the Harpies, the Greatswords the Bestigors and the Swordsmen the Dogs. The Dogs got destroyed as was expected. The Bestigors put 3 more wounds on the damn Steamtank (again MaCq saving like the devil). In return the Greatswords killed 4 of my Bestigors. I lost but my brave beasts didnt lose their nerve. The real bummer was the fight against my Doombull. Epic, real epic. I put 2 wounds onto Karl Franz and he did 3 to me (no armor save, auto wound, D3 wounds and he rolled a 5 for the wounds caused… ;)). Deathclaw hit my Doombull and did 3 wounds. I saved 1 of them which meant my Doombull was doomed. BUT due to me getting an attack per wound saved I got 1 attack back at Karl Franz and killed him. Take that you sucker! πŸ˜‰ My Minotaur did 1 more wound on Deathclaw. Combat was a draw. Both generals dead at the same time, jeez. Ah yes and MaCqs Sorcerer Lord had a miscast but due to him having throne of vines on him could discount it.

Turn 4 Beastmen


Time for some payback! My Gor charged the exposed flank of the Swordsmen (which were mostly in the woods mind you so no steadfast nono! ;)). One chariot charged the Steamtank, the other the cannon. My second Gor unit got into position to be able to help the badly beaten Bestigors out in the next turn. The swordsmen got annihilated. I didnt even do that many wounds, they lost and due to the fact not being steadfast they broke and I caught them. MaCq was pretty pissed at that point. The Steamtank suffered another 3 wounds (yes he had one left, jeez that thing didnt wanna die). Bestigors were killed as usual as were some Greatswords. Deathclaw saw to it that my Minotaurs broke and got run down. Well there went about 650 points.

Turn 4 Empire


Deathclaw, the chicken that he is, didnt try to attack my Ghorgon, typical ;). MaCq moved his Sorcerer Lord behind the Handgunner (not good) and charged my Bestigors rear with his Reiksguard. In combat the Steamtank was finally destroyed but the Bestigors lost so many of their numbers that theywould have to roll Sneak Eyes to stick. Well, they did! πŸ˜‰ Another unit of the match hehe. This was setting the rest of the Empire up for some nice flank charges (the Reiksguard werent in combat anymore due to the lack of enemies btw). πŸ™‚

Turn 5 Beastmen


I turned the Ghorgon around and headed off into the direction of the giant chicken. My two Gor units attacked the handgunners and the Reiksguard in the flank respectively. My two chariots got a viscous charge on the flank of the Greatswords. It was a massacre. My first Gor unit killed all the handgunners and overan into the Sorcerer Lord who couldnt flee due to the table egde, he got destroyed aswell hehe. The chariots nearly took off both back ranks of the Greatswords (btw I made a mistake there, the chariot didnt die here at all and therefore couldnt have ran away in the subsequent turn, dunno I took it off the table dont know why tbh). The Gor did 1 wound on the Reiksguard. The crucial thing was however, that MaCq challenged my BSB with his Greatsword Champion…. and I foolishly accepted. I was thinking that, if i accept my other Bestigors would have to make way for the BSB which would therefor only bring him into combat, MaCq wouldnt be able to attack the rest of my Bestigors. Well shit, his Champion killed my BSB! My whole unit broke, as did both my chariots….. FUUUUU. His Greatswords ran down my Bestigor unit. Meh πŸ˜‰

Turn 5 Empire


The last turn (we stopped aftet this due to time constraints). My Chariot kept on fleeing, as did the big Gor unit. None was caught however. It was a shame we had to end the game in a hurry at this point, we both thought that the last turns would have ended in a real bloodbath. We guessed that Deathclaw would probably kill the Bray Shamans but I maybe would have gotten him with my Ghorgon. MaCq in turn would have probably gotten my Gor unit and maybe the chariot. All in all tho it was a great game and one of the bloodiest we have played so far.

Hope you enjoyed it! If you like to get a more indepht look, have a look at the story which accompanies this Battlereport.


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