Perseus would have his merry Problems with this one….

The Bloodwrack Shrine should have been done three months ago already. Well in the end I had to proxy it at the tournament but it wasn`t much of a problem anyway taking the Cauldron in its stead, the two models being so similar anyway. I tried to keep the painting scheme very different to the one from the cauldron to have atleast some sort of variance. Painting the Shrine took longer than I expected but especially the Medusa herself and the Mirror behind her were quite fun πŸ™‚

DE Bloodwrack Shrine DE Bloodwrack Shrine 1

“This sort of poison can even kill a Mountain….”

After quite a long time of absence (hell real life needs some dedication aswell doesn`t it ;)) I thought I pop in and post not just one but two of my latest painting projects in one fell swoop. You can see my Kharibdyss further below but this bit features my new Dreadlord on Manticore. As I am a huge fan of the Raging Heroes one (and erm less of a fan of the one from GW) I had to get and paint it.

For the color palette I thought using mostly earthen tones and brownish yellows like you see on mountain lions because that Manticore just screams “viscious Mountain Lion” to me. The wings I used my Airbrush for but everything else is hand painted. As much as I like the Manticore itself the less I like the original rider. The head and especially sword just don`t do it for me. Thats why I replaced both with bitz from my collection (both head and sword are from the new DE chariot kit, the shield is from the CoK kit). I hope you like it and with that I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! πŸ˜€

DE Lord on Manticore DE Lord on Manticore 1 DE Lord on Manticore 2 DE Lord on Manticore 3

Between Skylla and K(c)hari(y)bdy(i)ss

Well my Kharibdyss is still not fully done yet, but what the heck I have to post the pictures at some point (I can`t wait for months on end ;)). Sadly the water effect hasn`t properly driedΒ  yet because I guess I put too much of it on the base at once. Still the rest of the model is done and that little water effect still missing won`t make that much of a difference anyway ;).

For “amusement sake” I put a floating HE body in the water infront of the Kharidbyss. I guess he must have tried to beat her in a swimming contest and failed. Those crazy High Elves πŸ˜‰

DE Kharibdyss DE Kharibdyss 1 DE Kharibdyss 2

“I have come to suck your….blood!”

A local tournament in the not too distant future (the lore of Undeath is allowed) has sparked my Interest in doing a small Vampire force to be summoned by my trusty Dark Elf Sorceress. While painting some Hexwraiths I came up with the idea that it would be a lot cooler to do an actual Vampiress to fit better into the theme.

Don`t get me wrong, I love my Dark Elf Sorceress but in this respect a Vampiress is more fitting. Yeah yeah I know, I just wanted an excuse to paint one in the first place πŸ˜‰

Because in terms of tournament play I had to do a Vampiress on a Hellsteed because my DE Sorceress would be mounted on a Dark Pegasus. GW never released a model for it so I rumaged through my bitz boxes to find a suitable alternative. I used the horse from a WoC chariot, Vargheist wings and the infamous Neferata. To fit her better on the steed I also used some greenstuff to form a pillow (which of course is made from velvet). Short story long here are the first pics of my new Vampire force. Hope you enjoy them πŸ˜€

VC Vampiress on Hellsteed VC Vampiress on Hellsteed 1 VC Vampiress on Hellsteed 2 VC Vampiress on Hellsteed 3