“Where is a Valiant Little Tailor when you need one….” Update

Now that I have finished my FW Curs`d Ettin I thought I compile all of my Giant models into one post.

The Curs`d Ettin is the first model I have done mostly with my new Airbrush Gun. I think it turned out really well considering I have never used one. The seamless transition on the skin tone is very hard to do with a traditional brush but quite quick with an airbrush. I know I need alot more practise but I enjoyed the experienced very much :D.

Ettin Ettin (1) Ettin (2) Ettin (3) BoneCrGiant (1) BoneCrGiant (2) BoneCrGiant (3) BoneCrGiant (4) Giant (1) Giant (2) Giant (3) GiantComparison

If looks could kill…..

One of my favourite models. The color scheme is roughly borrowed from the artwork in FW`s Monstrous Arcanum. Due to its poisonous nature I tried to give the Basilisk very intense colours. Apart from really liking how it turned out paintwise I dig its rules aswell therefore the Basilisk will see quite some game-action aswell ;). Hope you like it!

Basilisk 1 Basilisk Basilisk 2 Basilisk 3

“Where is a Valiant Little Tailor when you need one….”

Finally my BoneCrusher Giant is finished. Its quite a big model (with a far too small base – he fell over a few times) even taller than the FW Bloodthirster or Greater Daemon of Tzeentch.

I tried to give him a haggard look, washed out clothing, dirty toenails and so on (buarrgh ;)). Due to him being so top-heavy I had to hold him instead of putting him on “my presentation table”. I like him, especially the teeth :).

BoneCrGiant BoneCrGiant2 BoneCrGiant3 BoneCrGiant4 BoneCrGiant6 BoneCrGiant8