“Where is a Valiant Little Tailor when you need one….” Update

Now that I have finished my FW Curs`d Ettin I thought I compile all of my Giant models into one post.

The Curs`d Ettin is the first model I have done mostly with my new Airbrush Gun. I think it turned out really well considering I have never used one. The seamless transition on the skin tone is very hard to do with a traditional brush but quite quick with an airbrush. I know I need alot more practise but I enjoyed the experienced very much :D.

Ettin Ettin (1) Ettin (2) Ettin (3) BoneCrGiant (1) BoneCrGiant (2) BoneCrGiant (3) BoneCrGiant (4) Giant (1) Giant (2) Giant (3) GiantComparison

Deamon Prince or Spawn – A venture into split personalities

Chosen hmmm I really like them. Those old models (still got the metal ones thank god) have alot of character and I hope my painting does them justice (the pics dont, but what the hell I have no other camera hehe). As with all Warriors of Chaos I kept the winter theme for the basing. Still hope to be able to get 5 more but am not willing to pay the current prices for finetrash models. Theres another idea to convert some AoW GreatWeapon Warriors for a second Chosen group. We´ll see, well`see 😉

WoC ChosenWoC Chosen 1  WoC Chosen 2

Chaos Warriors or “My armor is thicker than a concrete wall”

The pictures show 20 unmarked Chaos Warriors. I tried to give them a different undertone for the armor (cause you know Chaos Armor and all) in comparison to all the other amor out there. I used TinBiz and gave it a thorough devlan mud wash. The cloaks should look ragged. I have another 3 blocks of them at home and I want to give each a different color tone to match their deity.

Ranked up they really look intimidating, hell I wouldnt like to be on their receiving end (as a puny human).

WoC Warriors WoC Warriors 1