Another Monster, seems like Echidna and Typhon have been busy….

I have tried to bring my novice airbrush skills to the fore once more, and of course on another monster (I guess I kinda like those ;)). I think slowly am getting the hang of it. This will actually be my stand in for a chimera as I loath the GW one. Although the base is bigger, I put some markers on the base to be able to see the true size for gaming purposes. Mostly using earthen colors again (just like with the previous Manticore) the blending of green and white to represent the three different heads was very enjoyable.

I also tried to give the sting a bit more oomph and used some sickly green colors on it to represent the venom dripping from it.

WoC Chimera WoC Chimera 1 WoC Chimera 2 WoC Chimera 3 WoC Chimera 4 WoC Chimera 5

Thundercats hoooo

Well not exactly feline but atleast very thundery I present my new AoW Dwarf Thunderers. The reference to an old kids TV sereies just shows how old I really am, a seven year old mind inside a multiple decade old body 😀

Dwarf Thund Dwarf Thund 1 Dwarf Thund 2 Dwarf Thund 3

Painting Competition on

As the title says I am gonna participate in a painting competition which is hosted on and supported by AoW. I had to think a bit about which model I wanted to do for the competition and decided in the end that am gonna do my alter ego (Severian), a Dark Elf Dreadlord on a Pegasus.

I thought I give him a few special things to make him stand out a bit more. Foremost there is his double bladed executioner sword which is the only one of its kind. I thought about giving him a helmet but then decided against it because I think if he shows his face (his helmet will be fastened at the side of the saddle), it gives the model more character. The picture shows the components am gonna use. Lets see how he will turn out 😉

DE AoW Comp DE AoW Comp 1