“Sir, you are being hunted”

Here I am again folks after a pretty long delay I finally found the time again to post pics of some of my latest minis. For these Empire Archers I built a movement tray and thought I give it a woody feel as Archers tend to stalk through the underbrush to hunt their prey. It gives the whole unit a coherent feel and overall looks nicer I think.

Again sorry for the delay, I have some new models in the line already and will post them at the as soon as I can. Some naked chicks, just so you know 😉

Empire Archers Empire Archers 1 Empire Archers 2 Empire Archers 3


Golden Boy

This is my entry at a local painting contest, Ludwig Schwarzhelm. I won first place which I am very proud of :). Took some time to finish him but I think it was worth it.

Empire Schwarz Empire Schwarz 2 Empire Schwarz 4

To the Moon

The Empire Celestial Hurricanum was quite a hard piece of work. So many different colors, so many different parts that had to be painted. I think the end result shows however. I like how the different colors complement each other. Next time I will be smarter tho, not glueing certain parts together right away ;).

Empire Hurr Empire Hurr 2 Empire Hurr 1 Empire Hurr 3 Empire Hurr 5 Empire Hurr 4

Not-so-Great-Swords… or are they? ;)

Finally I get around posting another finished work of mine: my Empire Greatswords. Man, I hate painting hordes but I just can`t push myself not doing every single model with the same quality as the first two ranks. Its tiresome but when finished all the more rewarding.

I am especially proud of another foray of mine into freehand painting. I think the banner turned out quite well 🙂

Empire GS 1 Empire GS 4

Children of the Sun

After a two week holiday break, here are my Knights of the Blazing Sun. I have to admit that because the Empire Knight models are so old already (I really don`t like the horses) I haven`t put that much effort into them. Shame on me, they are still not that bad however ;).

Empire KotBS Empire KotBS 1