“Where is a Valiant Little Tailor when you need one….” Update

Now that I have finished my FW Curs`d Ettin I thought I compile all of my Giant models into one post.

The Curs`d Ettin is the first model I have done mostly with my new Airbrush Gun. I think it turned out really well considering I have never used one. The seamless transition on the skin tone is very hard to do with a traditional brush but quite quick with an airbrush. I know I need alot more practise but I enjoyed the experienced very much :D.

Ettin Ettin (1) Ettin (2) Ettin (3) BoneCrGiant (1) BoneCrGiant (2) BoneCrGiant (3) BoneCrGiant (4) Giant (1) Giant (2) Giant (3) GiantComparison


“Something smells fishy in here….” Update

The O&G River Troll Box has a lot of spare bitz and I thought “Hey why not use some of them to build a little Diorama that counts as a Unit filler?”. Easier said than done because the idea I had involved a Troll emerging out of water and I had never worked with water before.

But there always has to be a first so there we are. The bits I used are head, hands and weapon from the Troll box and a small poison dart frog from the LM Ripperdactly box. The Troll torso and seaweed “cones” are built from scratch using Green Stuff. I hope you like the water effect. Last but not least a picture of all the Trolls, The Gangs all here 🙂

O&G River Trolls UF O&G River Trolls UF 1 O&G River Trolls UF 2 O&G River Trolls UF 3 O&G River Trolls UF 4 O&G River Trolls UF 5 O&G River Troll Horde O&G River Troll Horde 1

Deluxe Mermaid

Took me about four weeks to finish the Orc & Goblin River Troll Hag but I think it is worth it. The color scheme is similar to the one shown on FW although I went into a different direction regarding the front of the Hag. I tried to give the chest a lighter yellow-greenish touch and, although very well visible in natura, its not that easy to spot on my pictures.

I built her on a larger base than the one she was supplied with to actually be able to use her in games aswell. She will be a Unit filler (her base is as large as four River Troll bases) being placed in the middle of my River Troll unit.

O&G Troll Hag O&G Troll Hag 1 O&G Troll Hag 2 O&G Troll Hag 3 O&G Troll Hag 4 O&G Troll Hag 5 O&G Troll Hag 6

“Something smells fishy in here…”

I took the liberty to paint some other models from my, I gotta admit, massive collection. This time I chose a unit of Orcs & Goblins River Trolls. Beside being an absolut blast to paint it felt good getting some different things done apart from my beloved Dark Elves. There is still a Unit filler in the works for these Trolls aswell as the famous FW Troll Hag. Stay tuned 🙂

O&G River Trolls   O&G River Trolls 2 O&G River Trolls 3 O&G River Trolls 1 O&G River Trolls 4